[PL] Założenia Strategii Cyberbezpieczeństwa

Konsultacje społeczne założeń stretegii cyberbezpieczeństwa RP

Konsultacje społeczne (czy też ich brak) założeń stretegii cyberbezpieczeństwa RP opracowane przez Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji >> read more

AI Path

AI Path Finding

Presentation of pathfinding algorithms >> read more

AS Bayes

Antispam Bayes Filter Presentation

Presentation of antispam Bayes filter algorithm >> read more


CCTV in Hotel

IP surveillance camera found in hotel >> read more

Edge Detector

Edge Detector

Presentation of edge detecting algorithm >> read more

Event Reader

Read Windows Event Log

Tool for easy event logs reading. Can read Windows Event Log from local or remote computers >> read more

FDE Performance

FDE Software Performance

Performance analysis of full disc encryption software. Test in Windows XP on VirtualBox >> read more


Letter Analyzer

Letter Analyzer. Count characters in text file >> read more


OCR - Numbers Recognition

Simple OCR algorithm. Write digits on board ... >> read more

Zone Transfer

DNS Zone Transfer

DNS Zone transfer against wat.edu.pl domain >> read more