Advanced Password List Generator

It can be use for brute force attack or direct attack (when you know password profile, you have seen somebody typing password or you forgot your password). >> read more

AV Office 365

Antivirus in Office 365

Antivirus drawbacks in Office 365 >> read more

Check Point Threat Emulation Bypass

How to bypass Checkpoint Sandblast on CLICO Crypter Ransomware Example

How to bypass Checkpoint Sandblast on CLICO Crypter Ransomware Example >> read more

CLICO Cryptor Ransomware

Ransomware created to test AV and sandbox products

CLICO Cryptor Ransomware (aka CLICO Crypter). Ransomware created to test AV and sandbox products. >> read more

DNS forensic

DNS based forensic

Computer forensic based on DNS traffic. Live forensic in Windows and Linux. Long term DNS traffic analysis. >> read more


Eicar Test File Download

(Updated) Test your AV with Eicar test file variation >> read more

File sandbox

Why AV is not enough

Test of file sandbox behind antivirus (mail traffic only) >> read more

GPS Forensic

GPS forensic when tracking is disabled

What information are stored in GPS Navigation System, when tracking is disabled. Example on SmartGPS >> read more


Netasq Vulnerability Scanner

Test results of Netasq Vulnerability Scanner >> read more

Network reputation

Discovering dark networks

How security vendors discover IP/networks with bad reputation >> read more

Passwords in notepad

Accounts in txt files

How to find stored credentials on disk using Autopsy. >> read more

Searching for Heartbleed

Top triggered IPS signatures

Top triggered IPS signatures in live enviroment >> read more

Secure Password

How to store password in secure way.

How to store password in secure way. Examples in java >> read more

SPF Bypass

Bypassing Sender Policy Framework

Bypassing Sender Policy Framework >> read more

Time Destroyer

Metadata manipulation

Manipulating files metadata: time fields >> read more

Traffic anomaly

Traffic anomaly example

Traffic anomaly examples from real life >> read more


Find WWW server in IP range

Tool that tries to find specific host on WWW server >> read more

Web attacks

Hunting for web attackers

[Updated] Hunting for IPs that attacks web servers. >> read more

Web categorization

epg.org.pl categorization

[Updated] How epg.org.pl was categorized after 6 and 24 months >> read more

Web Filter Bypass

Bypass Regex Based Web Filter

Bypassing regex based web filter with Burp Suit >> read more

Web scanners

Hunting for web scanners

[Updated] Hunting for IPs that scans web servers. >> read more

Word Press honeypot

Word Press fake login page

[Updated] Word Press honeypot. Fake login page. >> read more

Wrestling with Akamai

How to bypass Akamai WAF (Kona)

How to bypass Akamai WAF on WWE.com example >> read more