Check Point Diagnostic Commands

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ID CommandDescriptionTAGS
1 config_gateway_ThreatPrev_disable Disable Threat Prevention Threat Prevention amw unload
2 config_gateway_ThreatPrev_enable Enable Threat Prenvention Threat Prevention amw fetch
3 config_gateway_antispoofing_disable Disable Anti Spoofing Anti Spoofing fw_antispoofing_enabled
4 config_gateway_antispoofing_enable Enable Anti Spoofing Anti Spoofing fw_antispoofing_enabled
5 config_gateway_clusterxl_ccp_broadcast Switch Cluster Control Protocol to BROADCAST Mode ClusterXL CCP Broadcast HA cphaconf
6 config_gateway_clusterxl_ccp_multicast Switch Cluster Control Protocol to MULTICAST Mode ClusterXL CCP Multicast HA cphaconf
7 config_gateway_clusterxl_clusterid Change ClusterXL ClusterID. Parameter required ClusterXL ClusterID cphaconf
8 config_gateway_clusterxl_down Bring this ClusterXL member down ClusterXL down cphaconf
9 config_gateway_clusterxl_macmagic Change ClusterXL Magic MAC. Parameter Required ClusterXL Magic Mac fwha_mac_magic fwha_mac_forward_magic
10 config_gateway_clusterxl_resync Syncrhonize ClusterXL State ClusterXL State sync
11 config_gateway_clusterxl_up Bring this ClusterXL member up ClusterXL up cphaconf
12 config_gateway_corexl_dynamic_dispatcher_disable Turn OFF CoreXL Dynamic Dispatching CoreXL Dynamic Dispatching multik dynamic_dispatching
13 config_gateway_corexl_dynamic_dispatcher_enable Turn ON CoreXL Dynamic Dispatching CoreXL Dynamic Dispatching multik dynamic_dispatching
14 config_gateway_identity_users_excluded_clear Clear Identity Awareness service accounts (excluded user list) Identity Awareness ad log excluded account adlog control srv_account IA
15 config_gateway_ips_disable Disable IPS IPS Intrusion Prevention System
16 config_gateway_ips_enable Enable IPS IPS Intrusion Prevention System
17 config_gateway_scrub_disable Disable Threat Extraction Threat Exctraction scrub
18 config_gateway_scrub_enable Enable Threat Extraction Threat Exctraction scrub
19 config_gateway_securexl_disable Disable SecureXL SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
20 config_gateway_securexl_enable Enable SecureXL SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
21 config_mgmt_restapi_start Enable REST API Web Server Rest API
22 config_mgmt_restapi_stop Disable REST API Web Server Rest API
23 debug_gateway_appctrl_enable Start Application Control debug Application Control appctrl appi
24 debug_gateway_appctrl_show Show Application Control debug Application Control appctrl appi
25 debug_gateway_clusterxl_on Start ClusterXL debug ClusterXL stat pnote conf ccp
26 debug_gateway_clusterxl_show Show ClusterXL debug ClusterXL
27 debug_gateway_corexl_decisions_enable Start CoreXL decision making debug CoreXL multik
28 debug_gateway_corexl_errors_enable Start CoreXL error debug CoreXL error sim dbg
29 debug_gateway_corexl_show Show CoreXL debug CoreXL
30 debug_gateway_debug_disable Disable debug Disable debug Default
31 debug_gateway_identity_enable Start Identity Awareness debug Identity Awareness pdp authentication
32 debug_gateway_identity_show Show Identity Awareness debug Identity Awareness
33 debug_gateway_ips_cmi Start IPS Context Management Interface debug IPS CMI aspii
34 debug_gateway_ips_psl Start IPS Passive Streaming Library debug IPS PSL tcpstr
35 debug_gateway_ips_unistream Start Stateful Protocol Inspection Infrastructure debug IPS SPII
36 debug_gateway_malconns_enable Start Malware Connections debug Threat Prevention mallcons
37 debug_gateway_malconns_show Show Malware Connections debug Threat Prevention mallcons
38 debug_gateway_mta_logs_show Show Mail Transfer Agent logs MTA Logs
39 debug_gateway_nat_enable Start NAT debug FW NAT Firewall Address Translation
40 debug_gateway_nat_show Show NAT debug FW NAT Firewall Address Translation
41 debug_gateway_nrb_enable Start Next Ruble Base debug FW NRB Firewall
42 debug_gateway_nrb_show Show Next Ruble Base debug FW NRB Firewall
43 debug_gateway_securexl_errors_enable Start SecureXL erros debug SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
44 debug_gateway_securexl_show Show SecureXL erros debug SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
45 debug_gateway_ssl_inspect_related_enable Start SSL Inspection releated issues debug SSL Inspection cptls
46 debug_gateway_ssl_inspect_rule_matching_enable Start SSL Inspection with rule check debug SSL Inspection NRB rule check
47 debug_gateway_ssl_inspect_show Show SSL Inspection debug SSL Inspection
48 debug_gateway_suspisious_mail_enable Start suspisious mail debug Mail Suspisious
49 debug_gateway_suspisious_mail_show Show suspisious mail debug Mail Suspisious
50 debug_gateway_traffic_drop Show dropped traffic FW Firewall zdebug drop
51 debug_gateway_vpn_enable Start VPN debug (trunc) VPN trunc
52 debug_gateway_vpn_ike2_show Show IKE 2 debug VPN IKE
53 debug_gateway_vpn_ike_show Show IKE debug VPN
54 debug_gateway_vpn_kernel_enable Start VPN Kernel debug VPN
55 debug_gateway_vpn_kernel_show Show VPN Kernel debug VPN
56 debug_gateway_vpn_process_show Show vpnd debug VPN vpnd
57 debug_gateway_webportal_access_log_show Show GAIA access logs GAIA Web Portal logs
58 debug_gateway_webportal_error_log_show Show GAIA error logs GAIA Web Portal logs
59 debug_mgmt_debug_disable Disable MGMT debug Disable debug Default
60 debug_mgmt_ha_enable Start MGMT HA debug MGMT SMS CMA HA
61 debug_mgmt_ha_show Show MGMT HA debug MGMT SMS CMA HA
62 debug_mgmt_ips_update_test Test IPS update requirements IPS update
63 debug_mgmt_manager_enable Start MGMT debug MGMT SMS CMA
64 debug_mgmt_manager_show Show MGMT debug MGMT SMS CMA
65 debug_mgmt_policy_install_show Show MGMT policy install debug MGMT Policy install
66 debug_mgmt_publish_enable Start MGMT publish debug MGMT publish
67 debug_mgmt_publish_show Show MGMT publish debug MGMT publish
68 show_gateway_clusterxl_CUL Show HA Member Cluster on Load limit FW HA ClusterXL CUL fwha_cul_member_cpu_load_limit
69 show_gateway_clusterxl_ccp_interfaces Show ClusterXL interfaces FW HA CLusterXL interface cphaprob
70 show_gateway_clusterxl_ccp_stats Show ClusterXL sync statistics FW HA CLusterXL cphaprob sync
71 show_gateway_clusterxl_ccp_stats_reset Reset ClusterXL sync statistics FW HA CLusterXL cphaprob sync
72 show_gateway_clusterxl_clusterid Show ClusterXL ClusterID FW HA CLusterXL cphaconf clusterid
73 show_gateway_clusterxl_critical_devices Show ClusterXL critical devices FW HA CLusterXL cphaprob critical devices
74 show_gateway_clusterxl_failover_history Show ClusterXL failover history FW HA CLusterXL failover history
75 show_gateway_clusterxl_macmagic Show ClusterXL Mac Magic FW HA CLusterXL fwha_mac_magic fwha_mac_forward_magic
76 show_gateway_clusterxl_state Show ClusterXL state FW HA CLusterXL state
77 show_gateway_corexl_affinity_by_cpu Show CoreXL affinity by CPU CoreXL affinity
78 show_gateway_corexl_affinity_by_process Show CoreXL affinity by process CoreXL affinity
79 show_gateway_corexl_dynamic_dispatcher Show CoreXL Dymamic Dispatcher status CoreXL Dynamic Dispatching
80 show_gateway_corexl_multiqueue Show interfaces with multi-queue support CoreXL multi-queue
81 show_gateway_corexl_stats Show CoreXL statistics CoreXL Stats multik
82 show_gateway_firewall_address_spoofing Show Anti spoofing per interface Anti Spoofing Heiko Ankenbrand
83 show_gateway_firewall_arp_proxy Show ARP proxy Arp proxy
84 show_gateway_firewall_chains Show Chains Chains chain
85 show_gateway_firewall_interface_drop Show dropped traffic by interface statistics interface drop
86 show_gateway_firewall_modules Show modules enabled with debug options modules debug
87 show_gateway_firewall_netstat Show netstat netstat
88 show_gateway_firewall_state Show firewall state FW state
89 show_gateway_firewall_state_detailed Show firewall state with details FW state
90 show_gateway_general_arp_cache Show ARP GC Treshholds ARP GC gc_thresh
91 show_gateway_general_arp_table Show ARP table ARP table
92 show_gateway_general_blades_enabled Show blades enabled Blades enabled_blades
93 show_gateway_general_chkconfig show chkconfig chkconfig
94 show_gateway_general_cpu_info show CPU info CPU
95 show_gateway_general_cpu_interrupts show CPU interrupts CPU
96 show_gateway_general_cpu_usage show CPU usage per CPU CPU
97 show_gateway_general_cpu_usage_history show CPU usage history CPU sar
98 show_gateway_general_hdd_space show HDD space usage HDD
99 show_gateway_general_enviroment show enviroment status (FAN Sensors
100 show_gateway_general_interfaces show interfaces GAIA interfaces
101 show_gateway_general_license show license cplic
102 show_gateway_general_memory show memory usage memory RAM
103 show_gateway_general_memory_full show memory usage with details memory RAM
104 show_gateway_general_netstat_summary show netestat traffic summary netstat traffic
105 show_gateway_general_processes show processes ps
106 show_gateway_general_routes show routes route
107 show_gateway_general_stats show general gateway statistics Memory ClusterXL fragments sync Capacity System pstat
108 show_gateway_general_top show TOP command TOP
109 show_gateway_general_version show system version version cpinfo
110 show_gateway_identity_adlog_query_all Show Identity Awareness user database Identity Awareness database
111 show_gateway_identity_adlog_servers Show AD servers connected Identity Awareness Active Directory Domain Controller
112 show_gateway_identity_machine Query computer Identity Awareness machine details
113 show_gateway_identity_networks Show known and registered networks Identity Awareness
114 show_gateway_identity_pep_pdp_all Show pep show pdp all Identity Awareness
115 show_gateway_identity_process_status Show pep and pdp process status Identity Awareness
116 show_gateway_identity_server_connections Show identity servers connections Identity Awareness
117 show_gateway_identity_server_sessions Show identity servers sessions Identity Awareness
118 show_gateway_identity_status Show Identity Awareness status Identity Awareness
119 show_gateway_identity_user Query user Identity Awareness
120 show_gateway_identity_users_all Show all users Identity Awareness
121 show_gateway_identity_users_excluded Show Identity Awareness excluded accounts Identity Awareness service
122 show_gateway_identity_web_portal_status Show Identity Awareness web portal status Identity Awareness
123 show_gateway_ips_geo_lastupdate Show IPS Geo location last update IPS
124 show_gateway_ips_geo_database Show IPS Geo location database IPS
125 show_gateway_ips_state Show IPS status IPS
126 show_gateway_ips_stress Show IPS Stress parameters ids_assume_stress ids_tolerance_no_stress ids_tolerance_stress
127 show_gateway_mta_queue Show MTA queue Mail transfer agent
128 show_gateway_mta_status Show MTA status Mail transfer agent
129 show_gateway_scrub_queue show Threat Extraction queue scrub
130 show_gateway_scrub_status show Threat Extraction stus scrub
131 show_gateway_securexl_connections show SecureXL connections SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
132 show_gateway_securexl_connections_summary show SecureXL connections count SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
133 show_gateway_securexl_state show SecureXL accelerator status SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
134 show_gateway_securexl_stats show SecureXL statistics SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
135 show_gateway_securexl_stats_full show SecureXL statistics with details SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
136 show_gateway_securexl_stats_utilization show SecureXL performance SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
137 show_gateway_securexl_templates show SecureXL templates SecureXL Accelerator fwaccel
138 show_gateway_session_table show FW connection table FW sessions
139 show_gateway_session_table_summary show FW connection table summary FW sessions
140 show_gateway_sic_status show SIC trunst state Secure Internal Communication
141 show_gateway_threatemulat_images showThreat Emulations images dowloaded Threat Emulations
142 show_gateway_threatemulat_running_machines show Threat Emulations enviroments running Threat Emulations
143 show_gateway_threatemulat_running_machines_live show Threat Emulations enviroments running Threat Emulations
144 show_gateway_threatemulat_stats show Threat Emulations statistics Threat Emulations
145 show_gateway_threatemulat_stats_by_file show Threat Emulations statistics by file type Threat Emulations
146 show_gateway_threatemulat_status show Threat Emulation status Threat Emulations
147 show_gateway_threatemulat_threatcloud show ThreatCloud status Threat Emulations
148 show_gateway_vpn_compression_stats Show VPN compression statistics VPN shell
149 show_gateway_vpn_ike_all Show VPN SA VPN shell
150 show_gateway_vpn_ipsec_all Show VPN tunnels VPN Shell
151 show_gateway_vpn_routing Show VPN routing VPN shell
152 show_gateway_watchdog_list Show Watchdog status Watchdog
153 show_mgmt_clients_allowed Show MGMT clients allowed MGMT allowed clients
154 show_mgmt_clients_connected Show MGMT administrators connected MGMT admin
155 show_mgmt_general_fingerprint Show MGMT Certificate fingerprint MGMT Cert
156 show_mgmt_general_license Show MGMT license MGMT cplic
157 show_mgmt_general_version Show MGMT version MGMT version cpinfo
158 show_mgmt_ha_status Show MGMT High Availability status MGMT HA
159 show_mgmt_ips_stats Calculate IPS statistics IPS
160 show_mgmt_manager_status Show MGMT Status MGMT
161 show_mgmt_restapi_status Show REST API portal status Rest API
162 show_mgmt_vpn_overlapping_domain show VPN overlapping domains VPN overlapping encryption domain
163show_mgmt_postgres_statusShow PostresSQL dabase statusDB CPM Monitoring psql_client
164show_mgmt_multidomain_statShow Multidomain statusMDS mdstat MGMT
165show_mgmt_object_unusedShow unused objects (login required)Objects MGMT
166show_gateway_firewall_top_rule_hitsShow TOP Rule hitsFirewall Performance
167show_mgmt_db_revision_numberShow number of DB RevisionDB Revision
168debug_mgmt_internalCA_enableStart Internal CA debugInternal CA cpca
169debug_mgmt_internalCA_showShow Internal CA debugInternal CA cpca
170config_mgmt_smartview_monitoring_db_recreateRecreate Monitoring DB (old data will be lost)psql_client
171config_mgmt_smartview_disableStop SmartViewSmartView
172config_mgmt_smartview_enableStart SmartViewSmartView
173show_gateway_general_arp_table_with_interfaceShow ARP and Interface neighbor
174config_gateway_general_arp_clearClear ARP Cache on Interfaceneighbor
175show_gateway_crash_usermode_showShow User Mode crachdump
176show_gateway_crash_showShow recent FW crashesdump
177show_mgmt_db_revision_disk_utilizationShow disk space used for DB revisiondb_version
178show_gateway_general_hdd_space_per_directoryShow disk usage per directory. Arg - scan directory. No arg - current directory.disk utylization
179show_gateway_general_processes_by_memoryShow processes sorted by memory usageps
181show_gateway_threatemulat_dashboardShow TE dashboard. Script by Eduardo PereiraThreat Emulation
182show_gateway_threatemulat_running_machinesShow running TE macinesThreat Emulation
183show_gateway_ips_geo_databaseShow IPS Geo databaseGeo IPS
184show_gateway_vsx_statShow VSX statusVSX
185show_gateway_clusterxl_ccp_stats_resetReset ClusterXL CCP statisticsClusterXL
186debug_gateway_fwd_enableStart FWD process debugFWD
187debug_gateway_fwd_showShow FWD process debugFWD
188show_gateway_general_cpu_interruptsShow CPU interruptsCPU Proc
189show_general_static_routesShow static routes configuredRoute
190show_general_crontabShow crontab configurationCron
191show_gateway_clusterxl_routedShow ClusterXL routed stateroute ClusterXL
192show_gateway_general_process_treeShow process treeprocess ps pid
193config_gateway_policy_reloadFetch local policyFW fetch reload policy
194config_gateway_clusterxl_up_with_syncEnable ClusterXL with session syncClusterXL sync
195config_gateway_clusterxl_down_with_syncDisable ClusterXL with session syncClusterXL sync
196 show_gateway_clusterxl_macmagicShow ClusterXL Magic MACClusterXL MAC magic
197debug_gateway_fileapp_showDebug Content Awareness Content Awareness fileapp
198debug_gateway_fileapp_ftp_enableDebug FTP Content Awareness Content Awareness fileapp FTP
199debug_gateway_fileapp_https_enableDebug HTTPS Content Awareness Content Awareness fileapp HTTPS
200debug_gateway_fileapp_smtp_enableDebug SMTP Content Awareness Content Awareness fileapp SMTP
201debug_gateway_rad_enableDebug Resource Advisor RADResource Advisor RAD
202debug_gateway_rad_showDebug Resource Advisor RADResource Advisor RAD
203debug_mgmt_fwd_showDebug FWD processFWD
204debug_mgmt_fwd_enableDebug FWD processFWD
205debug_mgmt_fwm_enableDebug FWM processFWM MGMT
206debug_mgmt_fwm_showDebug FWM processFWM MGMT
207show_mgmt_fwm_statusShow FWM statusFWM MGMT
208debug_mgmt_cpm_enableDebug CPM processCPM
209debug_mgmt_cpm_disableDisable CPM process debugCPM
210debug_mgmt_cpm_show_topicsShow CPM debug topicsCPM topics
211debug_mgmt_cpm_enabled_topicsShow CPM debug enabled topicsCPM topics
212debug_mgmt_cpm_showDebug CPM processCPM
213debug_mgmt_restapi_collectDebug Rest API REST API
214show_mgmt_database_monitoringConnect to Monitoring DBDB Monitoring
215show_mgmt_database_cpmConnect to CPM DBDB CPM