AI Path

AI Path Finding

Presentation of pathfinding algorithms >> read more


Advanced Password List Generator

It can be use for brute force attack or direct attack (when you know password profile, you have seen somebody typing password or you forgot your password). >> read more

AS Bayes

Antispam Bayes Filter Presentation

Presentation of antispam Bayes filter algorithm >> read more


DHCP Packets Generator (alfa)

Tool used for analyse DHCP packets exchange, detecting rogue servers and server exhaustion attack.. >> read more

Edge Detector

Edge Detector

Presentation of edge detecting algorithm >> read more

Event Reader

Read Windows Event Log

Tool for easy event logs reading. Can read Windows Event Log from local or remote computers >> read more

FortiGate orchestration

How to manage multiple FortiGate instances without FortiManager

How to manage multiple FortiGate instances without FortiManager. Simple python scirpt. Ansible alternative. >> read more


Letter Analyzer

Letter Analyzer. Count characters in text file >> read more


Log Collector for FortiGate Units

MBM-Log allows to look deeply into collected logs from FG v4 MR3 unit >> read more


Multiple DNS lookup

Lookup DNS name using multiple servers >> read more


OCR - Numbers Recognition

Simple OCR algorithm. Write digits on board ... >> read more


Network Performance Test Tool (beta)

Network performance test tool (beta). >> read more

Time Destroyer

Metadata manipulation

Manipulating files metadata: time fields >> read more


Find WWW server in IP range

Tool that tries to find specific host on WWW server >> read more