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    VPN without default route


    How to create VPN between two sites where there is no default gateway (route) >> read more

    CLICO Cryptor Ransomware


    CLICO Cryptor Ransomware (aka CLICO Crypter). Ransomware created to test AV and sandbox products. >> read more

    Check Point Threat Emulation Bypass


    How to bypass Checkpoint Sandblast on CLICO Crypter Ransomware Example >> read more

    Secure Password


    How to store password in secure way. Examples in java >> read more

    Crypto Offload


    Offloading cryptographic function from web servers. >> read more

    CCSE Lab Manual


    Checkpoint: Mistake in CCSE lab guide R77.30 edition. LAB 9. Understanding IPS Protections. This mistake is present in CCSM lab guide. >> read more

    GPS Forensic


    What information are stored in GPS Navigation System, when tracking is disabled. Example on SmartGPS >> read more

    Web attacks


    [Updated] Hunting for IPs that attacks web servers. >> read more